Wednesday, 1 June 2011

So Excited... and I Just Can't Hide It!!!

OK, so last night hubby and I went for a mini drive (we do this when we're bored outta our minds at home and it's too late to do anything else and need to get out :) ) What did we do you ask? We drove around our city and ran some errands like checking the mail, going to the ATM, stopping for milk etc., etc.

How HAPPY was I when we checked the mail and the first of the tags arrived?!!! They were Crystal's! OMG! I could hardly contain myself and it took everything in me not to rip open the envelope then and there..LOL! I wanted to calmly and neatly open the envelope at home with scissors. I was so anxious to see the tags!

I was not disappointed! Crystal's tags are FAB! You ladies will not be disappointed and you'll love them just as much as I did! I won't show you pictures just yet... hehe ;) You'll have to wait till they're all in and I make a video and I post on my blog. Sorry!

Have a great day!

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  1. Hey Lina,

    First of all thank you soo much for mentioning me in your BLOG! This was the first TAG SWAP (or any SWAP) that I've ever done. I checked my mailbox today and there was the beautifully stamped package! I couldn't wait to get into it! I was so surprised with all the beautiful tags and all the stunning peices and ribbons you gave me! Thank you soo much!! Keep doing what you do (which is INSPIRE) and let me know about your next swap :) I'm in!


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