Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Mini Album for Grandma

Heya Friends,

This post is going up on my blog a little late but I wanted to add it anyway since I haven't had the time to breathe lately and I finally have a free moment :)

May 15th was my grandmother's 76th birthday and I wanted to make her a mini album she could haul around with her in her suit case when she travels back and forth to Italy. She goes every year for a couple of months and we rarely get to speak to her while she's there... I always found this odd, but have quickly realized why this is... She's trying to get away from us! LOL No, seriously, I feel she misses home (Italy) and tries to take in as much as possible and do it all! She only calls (or answers the phone) when she wants to. Gotta love her!

But during this time, she doesn't get to see her family and I wanted her to be able to whip out her album, reminisce, and then put it aside and continue on with her day.

This is the album I came up with for her. It's similar to the album I made for my mom for Mother's day but much more compact and portable and with a different colour scheme.

Enjoy & thanks for watching!

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