Friday, 27 May 2011

Card: Holy Blessings

Hi Everyone,

This is my second post of the day! Woot Woot!! It's going to be a short and sweet one though...
I just wanted to share the card I made for my little cousin's First Holy Communion. I'll be honest though... I was stuck for ideas. I have to admit that the past week has been a struggle to me. I have not been in the crafty and creative mood and have had "crafter's block". I'm going to coin that term LOL.
Being as the communion is tomorrow,  I HAD to come up with a card fast. I'm known in my family as the crafty and card-maker so there was NO way I could have just bought a card cause I was "blocked". LOL.

I must also mention that the card is for a young boy and his colour scheme is gold and navy. This is my play on it... Hope he and y'all like it!

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