Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Crafty Goodness: Tea Bag Envelope

Hey Everyone,
I just wanted to share a cute and super simple tea bag envelope I made. I originally saw this idea made a while back and loved it. It was keep safe in my mind for a bit and I decided it was time to make it. For the life of me, I couldn't remember the name of the original person who showed something similar! It's ok though... I figured it out on my own (it wasn't rocket science ;) ) and came up with my own measurements.

Here is my YouTube video:

Directions & Materials:
1. First, you start off with a sheet of card stock that measures 7'' wide x 5'' tall. Easy enough...
2. Now, score the paper @ 1/4 '' and at 6 3/4''. This creates the tabs for gluing.
3. Now, score your sheet at 1 1/2 from the bottom. This will create your pocket when it's glued.
4. Lastly, we're going to create the gusset or spine of the pocket. Score your paper at 3 3/8'' and at 3   5/8''.
5. Now fold all your creases with a bone folder. If you don't have a bone folder, you can use your thumb nail. Make sure you crease your edges firmly... this will allow your final product to sit nicely and look more professional.
6. Finally, glue the bottom side tabs at the bottom. This creates your pocket for the tea bags to sit in. I use Scor-Tape for this. I find it holds much more securely.
7. You can add a piece of Velcro on the inside to keep it closed. Or a piece of ribbon. I used both but my ribbon is strictly decorative.

Now, decorate as you please! I ended drawing, cutting out, and paper piecing a tea pot. Then I used some mulberry flowers, leaves and some butterfly punch outs. I embellished the butterflies with some green crystal rhinestones I had. And, lastly, I made and added a stick pin.


I think the final product is adorable and would brighten anyone's day!

Thanks for watching! Have a fabulous day!

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