Saturday, 3 September 2011

I Am Roses Design Team Open Call

Hey Everyone,
This post is a special one.... it's my submission projects for the I Am Roses Design Team Open Call! I have not been able to sleep for the last while since I heard the the fabulous news. My projects have been ready and made for a over a week. I hadn't sent my submission in 'cause I went back and forth with my projects. I kept doubting myself for some reason. Then I thought... What am I thinking? They're GREAT! What am I freaking out about? I guess that my nerves got the best of me for a short while ;)

I had a ton of photos to show but I was only allowed to submit 3. It's tough but totally understandable considering the loads of mail and photos they'll have to sift and sort through. But, here on my blog, I'll post most of them. Have fun! And, thanks for listening to me ramble...LOL!

                                       A cork board (from scratch!)

A Keepsake Photo Memory Box

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