Thursday, 30 June 2011

I Just Remembered.....

How bummed am I??? OK, lemme tell you...
I hosted my first ever tag swap in May and all the tags had been mailed out from their respective creators. Great right? Wrong! Well, yes it's great that they've all been mailed out but Ontario has been hit with a postal strike! So for the past month, I've been patiently waiting and waiting, waiting and waiting. It's been a month of waiting for the last 2 tags. What luck huh!?

Anyway, the postal service union has reached a temporary agreement which means that starting Tuesday that passed, mail was starting to be sorted in Toronto. I am assuming that the mail will be backed up for weeks. So, until now, I have only received bills... funny :S

I will let everyone know when the tags come in and I sent them out. Hopefully I get them soon as I'm starting to lose my patience. I will definitely share the video of the tags with everyone.
I'll keep you posted!


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