Monday, 7 April 2014

Clay Minatures

Happy Monday All,
Today, I want to share something a little different... it's not paper related but definitely crafty. For just over a year, I have been playing with polymer clay. I don't have any formal training or anything but just played and through trial and error, have created some great pieces.

I don't have any tutorials on how I make these but I do have pictures of my final product. I'm pleased :) I still have tons to learn but I think it's a good start. 

What I love about playing with clay is that I can pick it up and leave it when I need to. It's not like some crafts that you need to finish within a certain period of time. With a new baby I don't have all the time in the world but love the fact that I can come back to a piece a week (or much more) after I've started it. Polymer clay doesn't air dry, it needs to be baked and therefore the perfect medium for a busy mom. I use Fimo and Sculpey polymer clays for those of you wondering.

I went from creating simple pieces like cupcakes and cookies to entire food scapes like a pasta cutting board or a bread basket. It's totally fun!

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