Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Spring Time Shadow Box

Happy Hump Day Everyone!

Today, I wanted to share a project I created... A spring time shadow box. I created the entire project from scratch, all from chipboard. That includes the tree. I am so proud of the tree, it turned out better than how I imagined! The only thing I did not create was the little birdie. But, that's not saying I didn't try :P But, even still, I did mess with it a bit and altered it slightly. I added some Glitter Ritz glitter and toned down the bright pink colour a bit. I also yanked some of the feather's from the bird and added them on the tail instead. It just looks better.

The nest is made with Spanish Moss that I kinda hot glued together. The leaves are punched from my MS Frond punch, my fave! The little white picket fence is just cut chipboard all hot glued and painted together. Super fun!

I loved making this! It let me think outside of the box, excuse the pun! Hope you all enjoyed!

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